Sunday, October 23, 2011

which direction to go??

Well I have begun a new collection and it is pulling me in two different creative directions....  It started out with the ideas of a message within... I was thinking of doing pieces about coming together, unity.... "we are all in this together".... "love is the answer"... etc... etc...  They way my passion and mind always goes.  But the first piece I did has a night moon/stars feel and I am picturing it with one of my new skirt designs with a Luna moth on it.... so this has me thinking maybe I should be taking this collection into a theme of the beauty of the night...  owls, moons, stars, nocturnal animals.....dreams....  hmmmm..... we shall see.  I would rather have too many creative directions than not enough!! right????  I want to incorporate alot of my tribal weaving into this collection.  I have a design for a throw on sort of layering vest that I am pretty excited about, we will see how the pattern comes out for that.  And I want to do some big bold bib style necklace for this collection... so lots of work to do... I will keep ya posted!

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  1. I am happy to hear that your creativity is inspiring new ideas. Everything you make is gorgeous. I would like to suggest that you stick with the nocturnal theme. I would love to see items with the moon and stars. Hopefully, maybe a bag or two in this collection. Whatever you decide, I am sure the creations will be awesome. Blessings to you~Hugs Adrienne